Review | Flight (2012)


If acting was a religion, Denzel is a god (9/10)

Denzel Washington is one of the most sympathetic and rock-solid of actors, and it’s effective here how his performance never goes over the top but instead is grounded on obsessive control. There are many scenes inviting emotional displays. A lesser actor might have wanted to act them out. Washington depends on his eyes, his manner and a gift for projecting inner emotion. In the way it meets every requirement of a tricky plot, this is an incredible performance.

If it was not for Daniel Day-Lewis, Denzel’d have gotten an Oscar for this in 2013! At least he’s getting a nomination and that’s one thing I know for sure.

“Flight,” a title with more than one meaning, is strangely the first live-action feature in 12 years by Robert Zemeckis, who seemed committed to stop-motion animation (Beowulf, Polar Express, A Christmas Carol). It is nearly flawless. I can think of another final line of dialogue for Whip Whitaker’s character (“My name is Whip, and I’m an alcoholic”), but that’s just me…

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