Review | Now You See Me (2013)


Now, that is sheer ‘brilliance’ (7/10)

Laced with massive heists, prestidigitation, and a stellar cast, “Now You See Me” is a must-see this summer. Be sure to “look closely, because the closer you think you are, the less you will actually see”.

The film as a whole was generally satisfying. The casting was absolutely wonderful; I wouldn’t have changed a thing. They all brought something to the film, and didn’t take away from the storyline. The cinematography was very effective. Like watching a magic trick live, your attention was brought to various places. As soon as you thought you caught up and were one step ahead of the supposed con artist, they were really three ahead of you. “How did he do that?” was a constant thought throughout various scenes for me. Although camera angles were constantly changing and some may argue it can distract from what is really happening, in this type of film it was very effective.

Although the ending to the movie was slightly predictable, the moments leading up to it on the silver screen were impressive. The special effects were fabulous. The action going on keeps the audience on their seats, and whenever the characters would explain what really happened as far as certain tricks go, a wave of “oooooh! I get it!” washed over the theater. Anyone who enjoys the “Ocean’s” movies or “The Prestige” would enjoy this flick…

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