Review | Pacific Rim (2013)


Two thousand five hundred tons of awesome (8/10)

Just by seeing the trailer of the movie Pacific Rim, one must have anticipated a lot of great action. Such giant robots have never been seen and the best thing is that it has been directed by Guillermo del Toro who is phenomenal when it comes to visual effects. The first look of Kaiju, the monster will let you know that your decision of watching it in a theater is nowhere wrong. Two thousand five hundred tons? Well, it looks like that and when it roars you know it is an enormously giant monster. So is the impression hen these monsters fight and make global destruction.

To fight them, we have equally giant and titanic proportioned robots in Pacific Rim movie. The metallic skyscrapers makes us believe they can definitely fight with equal ferocity and kill the monsters. The best thing is that much effort has gone to make the audience feel the enormity and gigantic size and density of these robots. It is done marvelously and one may feel it as they move slowly and ominously conveying their enormous power.

Talking about the cast of Pacific Rim, Charlie Hunnam as Raleigh Becket is really good in his character. The entire movie is crafted out in a manner that it is his story on an entirety. Idris Elba as the Marshal Pentecost is believable in his performance. The motivational speech he gives in the movie to his troops is really well delivered as well. Rinko Kikuchi as Mako Mori plays the new partner of Raleigh. With the looks she has been given, she personifies Anime and it was well enacted by her. There is a plenty of other supporting cast and mostly everyone has given a decent performance.

Overall, Pacific Rim is no doubt clichéd. The script is not remarkable but it is the direction of Guillermo del Toro that makes it special. For obvious reasons, no one will want to skip this movie or keep it for later stages home viewing. Thus there is no reason you are missing such an enormous violence on screen.

Another thing is that Pacific Rim offers a big relief from what the Transformer series have become lately. We seriously hope they do not end up making never ending installments for this movie as well. It is better off with just one installment only. The movie is stunning visually no doubt and that is why it is a must watch. Also, leave your brains outside of the theater and go in just to visualize some impossibly sized monsters fighting ruthlessly and doing global destruction.

Guillermo del Toro has definitely achieved that much in Pacific Rim movie. You will not get bored in the 131 min runtime and it will keep you thrilled till the end…

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